Blue Cross – Save Pet Animals (Unofficial)

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Blue Cross – Save Pet Animals (Unofficial)

“Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened”

  – Anatole France

Pet animals – The world is created for all the creatures,  but man being destroyed all the beautiful things for his selfishness. Like trees, forest, mountains and animals. Particularly animals killed for many reasons, For making money and for meat and etc.,  pet animals are the best friend of a human. There is a good example in Tamil “நாய் நன்றியுள்ள பிராணி!”. We have to love the animals also, like Cat, Dog, Cow and birds. Pet animals depend by human, so being human we have to help pet animals. Blue Cross is just being as a bridge between human and pet animals

Blue Cross – Pet Rescue, the main motto is saves abandoned pet animals and slave dogs. To give a proper shelter, treatment and nutrition. There are two main differences between shelters and rescue groups. Shelters are run and funded by local governments. Rescue groups are funded mostly by donations and most of the staff are volunteers. While some shelters place animals in foster homes that is heavily utilized in either case, many are housed on-site in kennels, only few rescue groups have this facilities.

Adopt a PET: Adopt an Indian dog from the “Blue Cross” shelter and get everything you’re looking for, all in one dog. The intelligence of a Poodle and the loyalty of a Collie. The bark of a Shepherd and the heart of a Saint Bernard, the spots of a Dalmatian, size of a Schnauzer and the speed of a Greyhound. A genuine All Indian has it all. And the shelter has lots of All Indian dogs waiting for you. There are genuine, All Indian cats too.

Water Bowl Project 2016: The water bowl project 2016 is an annual social initiative conducted by Blue Cross of India to offer water to homeless animals in this hot summer. Due to lack of clean drinking water, several homeless animals and birds lost lives due to dehydration. Hence, water bowl project is a chance to help animals and birds in your city in small way.

You can help these starving animals by keeping a bowl of clean water in your home roof and terrace. Register with our Water Bowl Project 2016 to get free bowl from us.

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